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About our capital fireplaces

Capital Fireplaces offer a wide range of high-quality fireplaces and are the UK's leading trade suppliers of fireplaces, including stone fireplaces, marble and cast iron fireplaces.

The Capital Fireplaces range has a wide variety of fireplace products that suits all tastes and budgets. From cottage bedrooms to elegant drawing rooms, farmhouses to flats, there's a fireplace and a fire to compliment every home.

Capital Fireplace's latest innovations have focused on reducing the running costs and adverse environmental impact of burning the variety of fuels that our products suit.

We believe that if our products use fossil fuels, we should use those fuels as sparingly as possible by designing our burning units to be as efficient as possible to ensure the environmental impact to a minimum.

Craftstone Of Sussex is a reliable supplier of Capital Fireplaces. Feel free to visit our shop, where you can view a wide range of our products, and speak with one of our professionals.

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eco design compliant 2022

Since 2022, all solid fuel-burning room heating appliances will be required to have independent testing to show they all pass the emission limit that's been set in place. Lower emissions are beneficial, dramatically benefiting the environment and much more.

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